Kanye - Genius or Just Mentally Unstable

Kanye has recently been in news for saying some anti-semite and outright stupid things. He was dropped by almost every major brand deal. At first, I thought it was stupid that he was just wasting away his influence. But when I started to listen to the podcasts, especially the one with Lex Fridman, I was actually impressed.

First thing about Kanye that you need to know, in the music world, he is a genius. There is no doubt there. From using human vocals as background music, to singing songs with no intent behind them, he can basically make a song out of anything. Even the one where he narcissistically rambles about Kanye. That is so Kanye. And all of this genius will not be taken away even if he is mentally unstable.

While listening to him on Lex's podcast, I realised something. He had a deal with with balenciaga, but was never paid for it. And he did manage to get out of that deal. Not long after that podcast, because of his anger-fuelled statements, Adidas had decided to drop the Yeezy's and Kanye along with it. Soon after, Kanye just went completely quiet. The only news that has come out since is about him marrying Bianca.

Did he really just want to cut ties with every company he worked for so that he could work on something new? Or was he just actually being himself? If Kanye comes out with some banger of a product in a couple of days, I honestly won't be very surprised. But there's a pretty good chance that he is under a lot of medication for his mental condition. This is not something that I would usually write about, but I just wanted to write something again and put my opinion forth. Expect a lot of blog posts soon! :)